About Us

About Vertilex

We Live and Breathe the Web – It is our passion and the foundation of our Agency.

Vertilex Web Design Dubai brings a fresh and innovative approach to website designing and business marketing, acting as a liaison between clients and their potential customers.

Our goal is to exceed the expectation of every client by offering outstanding business solutions in a friendly, effective and real time service environment. Our work is distinguished by our functional technical expertise combined with our hands–on experiences, thereby ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional services.

Web Design Dubai took a low-profile start in the year 2007. Soon it started growing. There has always been a set of three keys to our success :



We love design, and we love quality work.

We want to keep on enjoying designing, and we want to make sure you’re enjoying our service as well.

We do what we can to make sure we’re kind to the environment. All of our website are hosted on green approved servers. All of our printed materials are done on recycled paper*, and wherever possible we do what we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

We are a young agency with big agency skills. This is where we stand out from the crowd.

We are constantly researching new technologies to expand our offerings and better solve our clients’ problems.


A clear project plan ensures the success of completing an good work.

From the initial concept sessions to design, development and deployment we are committed every step of the way.

  • Planning To gain understanding of your business and how we can meet your marketing needs.
  • Designing During this phase you will see the proposed concepts turned into actual designs.
  • Building During the Site Build phase, we will convert your finalized design into a functional website.
  • Feedback We go through a series of checklists to ensure your website is error free and designed perfectly.
  • Launch Your website is ready to go live.


We seek talented individuals with a wide array of capabilities, including Design, Development, Motion Graphics, and 3D.

If you think you are a well-rounded and a high energy person who can can effectively communicate and succeed within our team’s dynamics.

If you have a talent and a commitment to excel,Contact us at: [email protected]

We like to  handle any complex website customization and/or based on open source technology: we do web design, graphic design, web development, create logos, brochures, business cards and Flyers Designing. We enjoy designing icons, illustrations and Smart Phone apps. We also take interest in Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, SMS and email marketing. We are always prepared to give detailed and immediate replies to your email and phone inquiries. At the moment, we employ over 10 people and are still growing. We are based in Dubai, United Arab Emirate.